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I enjoy restoring the old woodworking machines as much as using them. Well...maybe more. The jointer here is a rare R.B. Rodgers from the late 30's. The company was based in Los Angeles from the late 30's to the early 60's.

This jointer came to me in sad shape, but mostly complete. Other than having to fabricate a new blade guard assembly, most of the restoration involved rust removal.

I'm currently working on a DeWalt GE radial arm saw from the mid 50''s... 16" blade and 24" of travel.

It was in even worse shape than the jointer. I knew the front trunnion was cracked, but I didn't know about the arm. I was able to have it repaired, and the project continues.

Next on the list is a Delta belt sander with cast iron base from the early 30's and an Atlas metal lathe from the 40's.

Jointer before Jointer before Badge before
Jointer front with new guard Jointer back with new guard Jointer badge after restoration
Dewalt GE: Pile of found Crack in the arm Crack repair
Rigging the arm Mounting the carriage and motor  
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